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Hello, I am a film composer who is interested in rare orchestral film and video game scores. Feel free to contact me about anything in my collection. Also, many of my scores are unlisted. If you have something rare and/or a score on my request list, please contact me and we can work something out. I am especially interested in older James Horner scores. All scores are for study purposes only. R.I.P. my hero and favorite composer, James Horner. You are loved and will never be forgotten. ******* ATTENTION: There are many fake profiles being created recently, including VLADDRAC, SCOREMASTER14, MIGHTYSCORER, RARE SHEETS, and ELITESCORES. These users are copying many score listings from myself and other users here. Note that they will always try to get you to send your score first, because they don't intend on trading, they only intend on stealing your scores. Personally, if I'm dealing with a new user, I ALWAYS require that they send their score first. NO EXCEPTIONS. Safe trading, everybody! *******


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Recently added sheets

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the JediJohn Williams893Complete orchestral score, handwritten. 63 cues.originalpdf1 year
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes BackJohn Williams737Complete orchestral score, handwritten. 40 cues.originalpdf1 year
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New HopeJohn Williams707Complete orchestral score, handwritten. 48 cues.originalpdf1 year
The Little MermaidAlan Menken631Complete orchestral score, handwritten.originalpdf1 year
Omen III: The Final ConflictJerry Goldsmith332Complete orchestral score, handwritten.originalpdf1 year
Star Wars I: The Phantom MenaceJohn Williams890Complete orchestral score, handwritten.originalpdf1 year
Treasure Planet / AtlantisJames Newton Howard38Suite in full orchestral score, typeset.originalpdf1 year
The Sixth SenseJames Newton Howard30Suite in full orchestral score, typeset.originalpdf1 year
SignsJames Newton Howard25Suite in full orchestral score, typeset.originalpdf1 year
Dead Space 3Jason Graves61 cue in full orchestral score, typeset.originalpdf1 year

Requested sheets

titleartistinfoaddedsort icon
GettysburgRandy EdelmanComplete orchestral score.1 year
Homeward BoundBruce BroughtonFull orchestral score to the missing cue titled "Reunited," which is easily the best cue of the soundtrack.1 year
The Flying HorsemenJames HornerComplete orchestral score.1 year
The New WorldJames HornerComplete orchestral score.1 year
James Horner ScoresJames HornerAny original handwritten James Horner score that I don't currently have.1 year
Distant Worlds: Music From Final FantasyNobuo UematsuThe official orchestral arrangements of Final Fantasy (not fan arrangements).1 year
Resident Evil OrchestraMasami Ueda, et al.Complete orchestral score for the Bio Hazard Orchestra Album. Arr. by Kazunori Miyake.1 year
Bicentennial ManJames HornerComplete orchestral score.1 year
ShenmueYuzo KoshiroComplete orchestral score.2 years
To Gillian on Her 37th BirthdayJames HornerComplete orchestral score.2 years
CasperJames HornerComplete orchestral score.2 years
The Village - Missing cuesJames Newton HowardAll the missing cues from the 251 page version.2 years
Signs - Missing cuesJames Newton HowardAll the missing cues from the 173 page version.2 years
The Perfect StormJames HornerComplete orchestral score.3 years
Once Upon A ForestJames HornerComplete orchestral score.3 years
The Lion KingHans ZimmerComplete orchestral score.3 years
Dead SpaceJason GravesComplete orchestral scores to all three games.3 years
Onimusha 2Taro IwashiroComplete orchestral score.4 years
House of Flying DaggersShigeru UmebayashiComplete orchestral score.4 years
Ran SuiteToru TakemitsuComplete orchestral score.4 years
Les MiserablesBasil PoledourisComplete orchestral score.4 years
BraveheartJames HornerComplete orchestral score.5 years
GladiatorHans ZimmerComplete orchestral score.5 years
WaterworldJames Newton HowardComplete orchestral score.5 years
AzumiTaro IwasiroComplete orchestral score.5 years
DinosaurJames Newton HowardComplete orchestral score.5 years
The RocketeerJames HornerComplete orchestral score.5 years



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