The Best Is Yet to Come - Frank Sinatra | 39 sheets

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loreber (53)38Transcription of the big band parts for Jones' arrangement for Count Basie and Frank Sinatra.transcriptionpdf
joewels102 (653)38Vocal and Partsoriginalpdf+
rjheart (353)35Bigband parts, no score - arr. JHtranscriptionpdf
rjheart (353)38Bigband with vocal parts, no scoretranscriptionpdf
auziedude (96)38Full Band 5444 Parts Only transcriptionpdf
moscavincenzo81 (48)10Big Band Score Fulloriginalpdf+++
moscavincenzo81 (48)38Big Band Score Fulltranscriptionpdf++
pescayola (586)6from songbook FRANK SINATRA ANTHOLOGY vol.1originalpdf+++
LaCantora (65)38Full Big Band (with vocals)originalpdf
calciatore_tedesco (1224)38handwritten; no scoreoriginalpdf
skakeet (1929)24vocal plus 3 horn combo arranged by Shaun Evanstranscriptionpdf
HeADDAWAY (150)38Big Band Partstranscriptionpdf
HeADDAWAY (150)35Big Band Parts; arr: JHtranscriptionpdf
jacksound (298)47Full Big Band with Score, Vocal & mp3. Hand written also available.transcriptionpdf+++
pescayola (586)6from the album IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SWING (1964)originalpdf+++
skakeet (1929)174 horn combotranscriptionpdf
ElectroDeluxe (3309)38Big bandtranscriptionpdf
Mad Max Y (541)38Big Band no conductortranscriptionpdf+
mrfkeys (193)38Big Band Arrangementtranscriptionpdf
jonnylane (168)38originalpdf
woodwind8484 (140)38Big Band Vocaltranscriptionpdf
Pablo55 (472)8Big Band scoretranscriptionpdf
Syo-ryu (247)35Sinatra's arrangement without the vocal feature. No Score! originalpdf
Syo-ryu (247)38Vocal Feature. No Score!originalpdf
bobby1973 (103)35Full Big Band. Only Parts. Arr. by JHoriginalpdf