The Best Is Yet to Come - Frank Sinatra | 36 sheets

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Anonymous35Bigband parts, no score - arr. JHtranscriptionpdf
Anonymous38Bigband with vocal parts, no scoretranscriptionpdf
Anonymous38Full Band 5444 Parts Only transcriptionpdf
Anonymous10Big Band Score Fulloriginalpdf+++
Anonymous38Big Band Score Fulltranscriptionpdf++
Anonymous6from songbook FRANK SINATRA ANTHOLOGY vol.1originalpdf+++
Anonymous38Full Big Band (with vocals)originalpdf
Anonymous38handwritten; no scoreoriginalpdf
Anonymous24vocal plus 3 horn combo arranged by Shaun Evanstranscriptionpdf
Anonymous38Big Band Partstranscriptionpdf
Anonymous35Big Band Parts; arr: JHtranscriptionpdf
Anonymous47Full Big Band with Score, Vocal & mp3. Hand written also available.transcriptionpdf+++
Anonymous6from the album IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SWING (1964)originalpdf+++
Anonymous174 horn combotranscriptionpdf
Anonymous38Big bandtranscriptionpdf
Anonymous38Big Band no conductortranscriptionpdf+
Anonymous38Big Band Arrangementtranscriptionpdf
Anonymous38Big Band Vocaltranscriptionpdf
Anonymous8Big Band scoretranscriptionpdf
Anonymous35Sinatra's arrangement without the vocal feature. No Score! originalpdf
Anonymous38Vocal Feature. No Score!originalpdf
Anonymous35Full Big Band. Only Parts. Arr. by JHoriginalpdf
Anonymous38Big Bandtranscriptionpdf
Anonymous38Big band parts + vocaltranscriptionpdf