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pentatlon2013 (112) Supernatural Carlos Santana 80Songbook livrepdf+++
SMITHY49 (3673) Borboletta & WelcomeCarlos Santana75lllllllll BOOK lllllllll PVC/PVG with cover - Music from 2 hit albums livrepdf+++
Germain (4484)(Book) The Best Of Carlos SantanaCarlos Santana71Tablatureoriginalpdf+++
Germain (4484)(Book) Carlos Santana SupernaturalCarlos Santana191Tablatureoriginalpdf+++
Germain (4484)(Book) Carlos Santana ShamanCarlos Santana193Tablatureoriginalpdf+++
Germain (4484)(Book) Carlos Santana MoonflowersCarlos Santana135Tablatureoriginalpdf+++
Germain (4484)(Book) Carlos Santana Best Of JamCarlos Santana56Tablatureoriginalpdf+++
Germain (4484)Un cri du CoeurCarlos Santana3(Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)originalpdf++
Wasaga soccerman (3611)SupernaturalCarlos Santana80livrepdf+++
ByronicHero (172)Oye Como VaCarlos Santana8relevépdf
ByronicHero (172)Samba Pa TiCarlos Santana12relevépdf
ByronicHero (172)SupernaturalCarlos Santana193livrepdf
davidmartinez (1381)In Session WithCarlos Santana 76originalpdf+++
serpez (269)In Session with Carlos SantanaCarlos Santana77pdf+mp3 Flor D'Luna * Sensitive Kind * Europa * All I Ever Wanted * Samba Pa Ti * Hannibal.originalpdf+++
marcuussss (2516)EuropaCarlos Santana arr Jérôme Thomas54Score And Parts For Concert Band.originalpdf
el5beatle (206)Europa - Fingerstyle Guitar + MP3Carlos Santana2Fingerstyle Guitar Tab - Europa + MP3, Arranged by Jean-Marie Raymondoriginalpdf+
kientrungvu (1916)Santana - Jam with Carlos SantanaSantana56Carlos Santana's instantly recognisable guitar style brought the rhythms of Afro-Cuban music to generations of people who might otherwise never have heard them. His soulful playing has inspired guitarists the world over for the last three decades, and continues to do so today. The combination of musical notation originalpdf
kientrungvu (1916)Santana - Authentic Guitar Tab EditionSantana92A great assortment of some of Carlos' best. Bought it because it has my personal favorites (probably everyone's favorites). Music seems accurate, This is not "easy" and beginners best find something else. Tricky bends to get just right at the appropriate speed with pull offs from the bend and some challenging passages. Carlos is a great guitarist and accordingly plays material that shows off his skill.originalpdf
StoneBlue (1138)Greatest HitsCarlos Santana190Band Score - Transcribed Scoreslivrepdf+++
Doggywoogie (486)Authentic Guitar Tab EditionSANTANA (Carlos)92originalpdf
Nelson (368)EuropaCarlos Santana/Tom Coster99Concert Band - Arr. Jérôme Thomasoriginalpdf
sempoliy (11882)Europa Carlos Santana (arr.Mike Crotty)44big band parts.Ballad.originalpdf
sempoliy (11882)EuropaCarlos Santana (arr.Banny Carfagno)20big band parts.Slow Funk.originalpdf
amy_soule14 (750)Supernatural Carlos Santana80originalpdf+++
yannboyer (325)MoonflowerSantana Carlos135band score of the "Moonflower" album by Santana. Melody, but no lyrics.relevépdf++
yannboyer (325)Greatest hitsSantana Carlos190band score transcription of 10 songs from Carlos Santana : "Evil ways" ; "Jingo (Ji-go-lo-ba)" ; "Hope you're feeling better" ; "Samba pa ti" ; "Persuasion" ; " Black magic woman" ; "Oye como va" ; "Everything's coming our way" ; "Se a cabo" ; "Everyboy's everything"relevépdf+++
Pauline Roy (1586)SupernaturalCarlos Santana58livrepdf
DeNic91 (333)[B] Greatest HitsCarlos Santana190Book "Greatest Hits" by Santanaoriginalpdf
el5beatle (206)Guitar Signature Licks Best Of Carlos Santana + MP3Carlos Santana72Guitar Tab, Songbook + MP3livrepdf+++
lesaint (1188)Tab et score bookCarlos Santana56relevépdf