johann strauss ii

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ajoutée en dernier partitrepagesinfopartitionfichierparolesaccordsguitare
chaosinho69 (1975)Persian March9scoreoriginalpdf
amfings (7)The Blue Danube34Original score for full orchestraoriginalpdf
sirrah2803 (159)Schwipslied39For soprano and symphony orchestra. Full score & parts + vocal line. Newly typeset.originalpdf
sheetouser0240 (3229)/Die Fledermaus (The Bat)168Piano Vocal Score with German Lyrics (Printed) Music by: Johann Strauss II Lyrics by: Karl Haffner and Richard Geneeoriginalpdf
TheAlu10000 (829)The Gypsy Baron44Full score (ouverture)originalpdf
voraprachw (605)Tritsch Tratsch Polka13Full Orchestral Score RAREoriginalpdf
maza36 (444)The bat - Ensemble for clarinets1Scopre and partsrelevépdf
marinamarina15 (30)Tritsch-tratsch Polka7originalpdf
gwarek2 (581)[Opera] Fledermaus, Der168Piano vocal.originalpdf
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Artist bio

Johann Strauss II (German: "Johann Strauss (son)"; in English also Johann Strauss the Younger, Johann Strauss Jr., Johann Sebastian Strauss) (October 25, 1825 – June 3, 1899) was an Austrian composer known especially for his waltzes, such as The Blue Danube. The (in German) often used "Strauß" form is wrong, since he always wrote his name with "ss" and never with "ß". Son of the composer Johann Strauss I, and brother to the composers Josef Strauss and Eduard Strauss, Johann II was the most famous of the family.

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