Frequently Asked Questions

Questions for everyone

How can I find sheet music?
Search or browse for the sheet you want and find out which Sheeto member owns the sheet. Clicking on any member name will bring you to the member's profile page. You can submit a message in the contact form and request the sheet you are looking for.
The most likely way to obtain the sheet you want is to offer a trade. By submitting your own sheet collection into Sheeto, other members will start contacting you and offer a trade. This way, you will enlarge your collection very quickly and without searching the net. In fact, the sheets will come to you!
Is Sheeto free?
A Sheeto account is free for anyone. You will be able to contact everyone and find the sheet you are looking for.
How can I download sheet music from
No, you can't. You can only obtain sheets from other Sheeto users by contacting them via their profile page and ask them whether they want to trade a sheet.
How can I contact a sheeto member?
You can only contact a sheeto member when you are registered. So log in or register and you will be able to send a message to the member via the profile page.
Why does a member hide his contact form?
Any member can hide the contact form on their profile page which means you and other members will not be able to send an email to them. Reasons for hiding the contact form are often members who are on holiday or just wish not to be contacted for a specific period.
Where can I see my messages?
All messages sent to you via the contact form are sent directly to your email address. Sheeto does not store messages, so keep them safely in your mailbox.
How can I request a sheet?
In case you didn't find the sheet you are looking for, you can request a sheet. Your requests will be displayed on your profile page, so other members can see what you are looking for. What's more, every 2 days Sheeto will scan the database if there are new results found and report that to you.
I lost my password
Requesting a new password is simple: fill in the request a new password form and you'll receive an email with further instructions.
I didn't receive my registration email
There might be several reasons you didn't find the registration email:
  1. Check your spam folder
  2. Add to your address book and request a new registration email
  3. Check your mail provider settings to make sure their spam filter is not too restrictive
How can I delete my account?
Go to your profile and hit the Edit your profile link. At the bottom of the form, you will find the delete button.
Definition of the sheet types
  • original: the original sheet music. This can sometimes be hard to tell.
  • transcription: arranged by someone, either in another key or just trying to copy the original song. The sheet will usually list a credit like "Arranged by..." or "Transcribed by..."
  • easy: an easy play sheet. This is usually indicated on the sheets.
  • book: instead of typing in all the titles, you can also use a book title.
  • other