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TunisianArt (1605)Breaking Free5piano,vocal,guitar chords and lyricsoriginalpdf
Midnight_Lily (144)Can I have this Dance?5transcriptionpdf
annielee.9602 (23)Breaking Free7originalpdf
lalasaa (18)Can I Have This Dance?*5transcriptionpdf
Timscream (374)#Book# High School Musical 349PVGbookpdf
EponineJavert (127)Can I Have This Dance?5Includes piano accompaniment followed by two pages that includes the lyrics and chords.originalpdf
EponineJavert (127)I Just Wanna Be With You4Accompaniment only. originalpdf
gweennie (30)Breaking Free8transcriptionpdf
bennydp (14)You are the music in me9originalpdf
Milla 112 (313)Start of something new6originalpdf
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