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ivincze (5811)Missing You7originalpdf
saint.roman (40)Temptation7transcriptionpdf
saint.roman (40)Big Black Mariah4transcriptionpdf
saint.roman (40)Blue Valentines3transcriptionpdf
enzof (11)Take it with me5originalpdf
enzof (11)Martha4originalpdf
ladoré (15000)Missing you5L258originalpdf
val de marne (113)Missing you 7bookpdf
hollanda (13516)*Book* Tom Waits "Beautiful Maladies"250originalpdf
martinkeys (580)Tom Waits - Anthology133a sight for sore eyes, annie's back in town, blue valentines, broken bicycles, burma shave, christmas card from a hooker in minneapolis, foreign affair, ghosts of saturday night, heartattack and vie, i never talk to strangers, i wish i was in new orleans, invitation to the blues, jersey girl, kentucky avenue, martha, new coat of paint, ol' 55, old boyfriends, on the nickel, red shoes by the drugstore, ruby's arms, take me home, heart of saturday night, this one's from the heart, more...bookpdf
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