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Raikoji (13)w-inds. best - piano solo86EASY piano solo, includes following pieces (japanese lyrics): Feel The Fate, Give you my heart, Paradox (rumor style), Forever Memories, New-age Dreams, NEW PARADISE, SOMEHOW, Baby Maybe, Because of you, try your emotion, Another Days, This Time ~願い~ This Time ~negai~, Top of the world, SUPER LOVER ~I need you tonight~, Long Road, 空から降りてきた星 sora kara orite kita shiroi hoshi, Love is message, Dedicated to You, Deny bookpdf
Raikoji (13)w-inds. ageha - piano solo67EASY piano solo, includes following pieces (japanese lyrics): Lil' Crazy, Party Down, キレイだ kireida, 夏空の恋の詩 natsuzora no koi no uta, 四季shiki, ageha, song 4 U, Pieces, 変わりゆく空 kawariyuku sora, 夢の場所へ yume no basho e, マバタキの夢 mabataki no yume, Color me, タイムマシーン taimu mashiin, Gift bookpdf
chau713 (22)Graduation2originalimage
chau713 (22)Forever Memories4originalimage
chau713 (22)Love Train3originalimage
chau713 (22)Long Road4originalimage
sharrine (113)Wish to wish4J-poptranscriptionpdf
sharrine (113)Light8J-poptranscriptionpdf
sharrine (113)I still Love you4J-poptranscriptionpdf
Natsuka (2)TRADE ONLY100From all of the official piano books. I will only trade for other w-inds. songs: 1 song for 1 song.bookimage

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w-inds. (ウィンズ ,winzu?) is a Japanese pop group. They are popular in Japan, and have performed in shows such as the annual Kōhaku Uta Gassen (紅白歌合戦 ?), a Japanese TV program that invites only the top-selling artists of the year. To date, all their singles and studio albums have made it into the top 10 positions in the Oricon Charts, with the exception of their first single, "Forever Memories."
Beginning in November 2000, w-inds. gave street performances in Yoyogi Park and Shibuya.

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