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lenwer5o (50)Concerto for guitar and orchestra17Concerto in C (guitar part)originalpdf
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Ghooost (122)Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra129Guitar and orchestra. Full score + guitar part + mp3.originalother
Basilico (2)oi 7 nanoi sto ss cyrenia7bookpdf
evangeliak (26)oi efta nanoi sto s/c syrenia7originalpdf
guitarteacher (196)Concerto for Guitar & Orchestra [Full score + Guitar Part]129scan is in perfect quality,Plus Audio File ,Full score and separated guitar part includedoriginalpdf
karanis2802 (5)Grammes twn orizontwn ( ΓΡΑΜΜΕΣ ΤΩΝ ΟΡΙΖΟΝΤΩΝ )91ΠΕΡΙΕΧΕΙ: Καραντί, Θεσσαλονίκη, Ενας νέγρος θερμαστής από το Τζιμπουτί, Εσμεράλδα, Οι εφτά νάνοι στο S/S Cyrenia, Λύχνος του Αλλαδίνου, Α bord de Ι "Aspasia", Federico Garcia Lorca, Αρμίδα, Γυναίκα, William George Allum , Ο πιλότος Νάγκελ , Σταυρός του Νότου, Cambay's Water, Πικρία, Kuro siwobookpdf
adamat (322)Armida3originalpdf
msoctava (1)epilogi tragoudion50bookpdf
vaco (1)Oi Efta Nanoi sto S, S Cyrenia2easypdf
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Artist bio

Thanos Mikroutsikos (Greek: Θάνος Μικρούτσικος) (1947- ) was born in Patras, Greece and is one of the leading composers of popular and classical music in his home country. He studied music theory and piano at the Patras Philharmonic Society and at the Greek Conservatory and continued under Yiannis A. Papaioannou. While studying music he graduated with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Athens.

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