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AnonymousMiller Medley38big band parts.Medleyoriginalpdf
AnonymousMoonlunar Waltz27big band parts.Moderate Swingoriginalpdf
ElectroDeluxe (3360)Song Of The Volga Boatmen52Big score Traditional russian balladtranscriptionpdf
sax.francy (609)Song of the Volga boatman52BigBand. Traditional russian balladtranscriptionpdf
jmarco (55)Dark Eyes8String Quartet Arrangement Ptranscriptionimage
romanrusnak (48)Kalinka from Russia6String quartettranscriptionimage
eszel89 (45)Anthem4Russia - Anthem.pdf 1.6MBoriginalpdf
Zita55 (50)Hymn of Russia1originalimage
cht9970 (48)Black Eyes1transcriptionpdf
cht9970 (48)Midnight in Moscow1transcriptionpdf
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There are several artists called Russia. 1) Russia is a country. This page can be used for things such as traditional Russian songs that have had their authors forgotten over time, and the Russian national anthem. 2) If you're looking for Hetalia-Russia: ロシア 3) A RAC/NSBM band from Russia that appeared on Burzum "Lost Freedom" compilation. 4) An AOR band from the eighties that was originally from Seattle, Washington Griff Stevens - Lead vocals, Woodwinds, Railroad Springs
Thomas Richard Brighton - Guitars & vocals

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