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Epitaph for Moonlight110
Magic Songs61

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rvs90 (518)Epitaph for Moonlight12for chorusoriginalpdf
bruckner1956 (14920)String quartet no. 11 (2006)28originalpdf
bruckner1956 (14920)String quartet no. 10 'Winter birds' (2005)24originalpdf
bruckner1956 (14920)String quartet no. 9 (2004)32originalpdf
bruckner1956 (14920)String quartet no. 8 (2002)42originalpdf
newpaths (7782)Polytonality4solo pianooriginalpdf
bruckner1956 (14920)Le Cri de Merlin (1987)17guitar originalpdf
vdhs (355)Miniwanka14Mixed choir a cappella "SPECIAL TRADE"originalpdf
vdhs (355)Magic Songs21SATB a cappella - Nine chants in the cycle. "SPECIAL TRADE"originalpdf
vdhs (355)Epitaph For Moonlight10Mixed Choir SSSSAAAATTTTBBBB + soli with optional Bells - 1968 - Instructions in Spanish or English "SPECIAL TRADE"originalpdf
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Raymond Murray Schafer (born 18 July 1933) is a Canadian composer, writer, music educator and environmentalist perhaps best known for his World Soundscape Project, concern for acoustic ecology, and his book The Tuning of the World (1977).

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