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The Night Chicago Died50
Billy Don't Be A Hero40
Billy, Don't Be a Hero10
The Black-Eyed Boys00

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SMITHY49 (4051)THE NIGHT CHICAGO DIED,.!!!!!!!!!!,.OLD,.!!!!!!!!!!6COLOR COVER, .1975,. ,!!!!!!!!!!,.RARE OLD SHEET,.!!!!!!!!!!originalpdf
johnnie2 (848)Dreams Are Ten A Penny4pvg c 1972originalpdf
booboo83 (2163)The Night Chicago Died5originalpdf
SMITHY49 (4051)THE NIGHT CHICARGO DIED,.!!!!!!!!!.OLD,.!!!!!!!!!!6COLOR COVER, .1974, .!!!!!!!!!!.RARE OLD SHEET.!!!!!!!!!!originalpdf
Wasaga soccerman (3865)Billy don't be a hero6originalpdf
Wasaga soccerman (3865)The Night Chicago died6RARE: Colour Coveroriginalpdf
Wasaga soccerman (3865)Billy don't be a hero6RARE: Colour Coveroriginalpdf
squonky (1234)The Night Chicago Died6pvg 1974 in Coriginalpdf
squonky (1234)Billy Don't Be a Hero6originalpdf
Malachy48 (1137)Billy,Don't Be A Hero.3P/V/G.originalpdf
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Paper Lace was a Nottingham based pop group, formed in 1969. They are known to Americans as a classic one-hit wonder; however, in the UK they were a "classic two and a half hit wonder" (Sendra, 2006). The core of the band originally formed in 1967 as Music Box, but changed their name to Paper Lace when Phil Wright joined as drummer and lead singer.

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