magnetic fields

magnetic fields

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I don't believe in the sun01

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DMCV (1708)The Book of Love2Lead Sheetoriginalpdf
mister kuup (19)I don't believe in the sun5originalpdf
montchris (9)No One Will Ever Love You2Melody, lyrics, chords, riffs. (It's my arrangement, so there are some extra bars – it's not exactly like the recording.)transcriptionpdf
dontpaypano (293)The Book of Love3This song was also covered by Peter Gabriel.transcriptionpdf
ccdrz (49)The Book of Love6White Admiral transcriptiontranscriptionpdf
AnonymousMusicC... (101)The Book Of Love6Arranged by White Admiral.transcriptionpdf
AnonymousMusicC... (101)The Book Of Love [WIP]13Work in progress. Arranged for string orchestra and ATB by [Anonymous].transcriptionpdf
tune_driver (11)i thought you were my boyfriend5transcriptionimage
tune_driver (11)i don't believe in the sun5transcriptionmscz
celeste712 (1)I dont elieve in the sun5transcriptionpdf
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