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Iolaos (72)Gothic 3 Vistapoint(Reprise)2Soundtrack from the game "Gothic 3"transcriptionpdf
BornFree25 (11)Gothic 3: Divine Powers1transcriptionimage
BornFree25 (11)Gothic 3: The Final Melody3transcriptionpdf
Pirla (9)Gothic 1, 2, 310Main theme Gothic 1, 2, 3, Vista Point, Gothic 3 Final song, Gothic 3 Geldern night, video arr. main themes Gothic 1, 2, 3, video arr. Vista Point. transcriptionpdf
aroncook (2)The Harbor City At Night1otherpdf
warsawa (23)Ghotic 3 - Final Melody3Piano versiontranscriptionpdf
kivi94 (5)Gothic 3 - Vistapoint1originalpdf
kivi94 (5)Gothic 2 Theme3originalpdf
lapshin (7)Gothic 2 melody1Main melody onlytranscriptionpdf
lapshin (7)Trelis explore night22 guitarstranscriptionpdf
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Kai Rosenkranz is working for Piranha Bytes since the time when he finished school. He is responsible for the soundtracks to the computer games Gothic, that was released in 2001, Gothic II (2002) and Gothic 3 (2006). His favourite instrument is the piano. He loves playing the piano since his parents bought him a keyboard when he was 7 years old. His nickname is 'KaiRo', at first sight the German word for Cairo (Egypt's capital...). But obviously 'Kai' is his first name and 'Ro' are the first two letters of his surname. Read more on Last. Read more
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