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F.T. Island (에프티 아일랜드)comes from Five Treasure Island. They are a South Korean boy band that differs from the usual dancing five-member group in that they play their own instruments.

Currently, FT Island is on a show broadcasting on M.Net called "Wanna be my Girlfriend?" Through "Wanna be my Girlfriend?" they have already gained a growing fan base. Even before their debut, over 2,000 fans attended a showcase to see FT Island. Their official debut will be on June 7, 2007. With their debut set for June 7, 2007, their first album dropped the next day (June 8, 2007) and included the songs: Leo Leo, Chundoong (Thunder), Hengbok Ham Ni Da (I'm Happy), Chut Ki Seu (First Kiss), and Sarangalee (Love Sick). Later they released a new CD called "The Refreshment" wich included the first album songs plus 3 new songs.
They debuted in Japan with their album "Prologue of FT Island" released June 27, 2008. Read more
On August 27,2008 they released their 2nd album "Colorful Sensibility" with the song After Love (사랑후애). Just as for "Cheerful Sensibility," on October 17,2008 they released "Part 2 of Colorful Sensibility" along with their MV "Last Match."

FT Island consists of:
Choi JongHoon( 3/7/90 18 - Lead Guitar),
Lee HongKi (3/2/90 18 - Lead Vocals),
Oh WonBin( 3/26/90 18 - Lead Vocals & Second Guitar),
Lee JaeJin(12/17/91 17 - Bass),
and Choi MinHwan(11/11/92 16 - Drums). Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.