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MagicForFree7 (82)All22I found it here 1.1 - Future Retro 1.2 - Stick Figures 1.3 - Aqua Harp 1.4 - Drum Machine 1.5 - Pipe Dream 1.6 - Acoustic Curves 1.7 - Harmonic Voltage 2.1 - Starship Groove 2.2 - Pogo Sticks 2.3 - Resonant Chamber B 2.4 - Cathedral Pictures 2.5 - Pipe Dream 2 2.6 - Fiber Bundles 2.7 - Gyro Drums 2.8 - Heavy Lighttranscriptionpdf
soccerlard (1)Aqua Harp3originalpdf (575)Starship Grove3 (575)Heavy Light, Resonant Chamber4
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Artist bio

Animusic's founder Wayne Lytle began to envision algorithmically synchronizing music and animation over 20 years ago – in 1982. It wasn't until 1989 that he first began experimenting with music-driven computer animation. His first full multi-instrument music animation "More Bells and Whistles" premiered in the Electronic Theater at SIGGRAPH 1990. It has since won awards and been shown in various contexts world-wide. In 1991 Lytle received an award from IBM for his early work in music animation.

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